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label de la cave La Source à Toulouse

Awaken your senses &
share emotions

Voyage découverte et Partage

Travel, discovery
and sharing.

Crossing the doorstep of La Source, means entering a universe where all parts of the world are represented.

Between initiatory guide and enlightened gastronome, your cellarman is much more than a bottle retailer. A true expert in flavors, he invites the shop visitor to a terroir discovery and their stories. A tasting session at La Source is a privileged moment of sense awakening that will invite you to travel.

Voyage découverte et Partage

invites you to join
his universe .

Dégustation dans une cave de Toulouse
Une sélection de spiritueux à la source à Toulouse

A selection of over
600 spirits from
around the world.


A sensory and emotional experience that happens in the glass.


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