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label de la cave La Source à Toulouse

Spirits all have a story
to tell, a culture, a tradition


La Source has a selection of over
600 spirits from around the world.

Discover our ranges

Sélection de Whisky par La Source


Whether it’s from Scotland, Ireland, Japan, France, the United-States or elsewhere, whiskey is a fabulous regional product, witness to an ancestral know-how. Each step in its fabrication is crucial and contributes in creating its specificity. La Source proposes a very wide range of whiskies from all horizons and for all tastes.

Sélection de Rhum par La Source


Whether your heart leans towards an old farm rum, a rum of molasses or a white rum, you will always find at La Source a complete and advanced selection to satisfy your tastes and desires. We take great pleasure in selecting and helping you discover them in the glass.

Sélection d'Eau de vie' par La Source

French Eaux-de-vie

France possesses a vast know-how in the art of distillation. Some spirits are, however, unknown or forgotten. La Source highlights these French gastronomic heritage jewels: Cognac, Armagnac, Bas-Armagnac, Calvados, etc. All regions of France are present in our selection.

Sélection d'alcool du monde' par La Source

Worldwide selection

Beautiful selections are awaiting at La Source. The wide range of spirits will transport to the corners of the globe: Vodka, Mezcal, Gin and many others…


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